Saturday, 17 September 2011

Rach & Spencer - Wedding Photography at The Town Hall, Reading.

It's always a privilege to be invited to share in a couple's wedding celebration, to be invited to create the aid memoir which will take them both back to that most special day. I was especially excited when our several-doors-away neighbours came to us to photograph their wedding at The Town Hall. I think there is always something that bit extra special about taking a friend's wedding pictures for them and I really enjoyed being 'official tog' for Rach & Spence. Congratulations both of you and all the very best for the exciting journey which lays ahead. Emmie xxx

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Death By W.O.D - Round 4

Now each week the workout is announced from CrossFit HQ which happens to be during Tuesday night if you live in the UK. Every Wednesday for the past month, Alex has disappeared from beside me at about five am to log in and find out what lies in store for the coming week. This weeks wake up call came a little earlier than usual in the form of an unquotable text message from a fellow Reading CrossFitter which prompted a mad rush to the computer to find out what provoked such a comment to be sent at this extremely unsociable hour of the morning. This one was hard. In fact I would go so far as to describe it as borderlining on evil. Sixty bar-facing burpees, thirty overhead squats with fifty five kilos on the bar and then ten muscle ups. As many rounds as possible in ten minutes. Now the burpees are do-able. An athlete can pace themself and manage those even though sixty is quite a lot to do. Then comes the set of overhead squats - thirty of those whilst holding the bar overhead. Very big ouch! That really is a toughie. The muscle ups are the absolute killer. The athlete must pull him/herself up from a hanging position on a set of olympic rings and lock out their arms. This workout would well and truly take the competition to a whole new level...

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Death By W.O.D - Round 3

Week three and a five minute amrap (as many rounds as possible). Short but brutal - squat clean to overhead with fifty kilos on the bar for the girls and seventy five for the guys. Ouch! Still, some awesome results from our athletes and some appearing quite far up the leaderboard during the week. The end of this W.O.D brings us to the halfway mark. Three more to go...

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Death By W.O.D - Round 2

This week saw the gang at CrossFit Reading attempting the second of the qualifiers for the CrossFit games and boy was it another toughie! Nine deadlifts, twelve pushups and then fifteen box jumps as many times as possible (amrap) in fifteen minutes.

All images copyright Spirit Pictures. Wedding Photographers in Reading, Berkshire.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Death By W.O.D

Its qualifying time for the CrossFit Games and this year members have to complete a series of workouts at their local affiliate and register scores before the top athletes go on to compete in the competition. I caught up with the guys and gals at CrossFit Reading as they attempt the first of six W.O.Ds - 30 double unders and 15 power snatches...

All images copyright Spirit Pictures. Wedding Photographers in Reading, Berkshire.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Marta & Paul - Wedding Photography at Aldermaston Manor

The weather did not disappoint for our second wedding of the weekend. Marta and Paul tied the knot at Aldermaston manor and wow - what a beautiful ceremony. The sunlight flooded into the library through the windows making the task of photographing the proceedings a real pleasure. I am a natural light freak and rarely pick up a flash if at all possible. The guests were able to bask in the sun out on the terrace and enjoy the reception and were well entertained in the evening with a masque and a casino. We did away with the Lastolite background instead using the book-lined walls of the library to provide a unique backdrop for the evening studio. Congrats Paul & Marta x

Liz & Lee

We're definately into Autumn now, the leaves are turning, the evenings drawing in - what a great time of year to be out and about with a camera, especially shooting weddings! This weekend saw us at Elcot Park photographing Liz & Lee's special day. The first of two weddings we photographed this weekend, and this one was a beauty. The elegant setting of the venue was perfect and the gardens provided a stunning Autumnal background for some gorgeous bride and groom portraits. Liz & Lee, you are complete naturals and can model for me again anytime!! Congratulations to you both. xx