Sunday, 6 June 2010

CrossFit Strength & Power 2010

A stunner of a weekend and it couldn't have been better for shooting this years' CrossFit Strength & Power meet! Hosted by CrossFit Reading at Tadley Rugby club and in association with FK.UK, photographing these events is fast becoming a regular, and very enjoyable gig for me. This year saw a great turnout of both athletes and spectators, and the events, ranging from a seven and a half tonne truck pull to one hundred kilo atlas stone lifts, proved both challenging and enjoyable for the competitors who 'smashed it up' a treat! There was no shortage of photo ops and I well and truly got carried away - thank God for digital! It was also great to see Joel from Men's Fitness mag back for more! Watch out for his take on it all in an upcoming issue. Full set of images can be viewed via the facebook page. Enjoy...

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