Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Skarlets

As a musician, (yes I also play several instruments and am a member of RCC worship. Aren't I multi-talented!!), I have quite an appreciation for live bands and having performed in one myself in the past I understand the amount of work that goes into a set making sure everyone is tight, in tune, can hear each other properly and so on. I was delighted to be asked by Dave, lead of local group 'The Skarlets', to come and photograph the band in action. The evening was certainly rockin' with quite a crowd tearing up the dance floor and I was very impressed by the fabulous perfomance by the group. I had a great time experimenting with the ambient to create some moody, atmospheric images and I hope to see these guys in action again.

All images copyright Spirit Pictures. Wedding Photographers in Reading, Berkshire.